Post-Conference Survey

for the 2017 DILA Conference

Post-Conference Survey for the 2017 DILA Conference

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Attendee Information

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Survey Questions

Please answer truthfully and constructively. This survey helps us improve future conferences.

1. What region of the country did you travel from?

2. Which category applies to you?


3. How long have you served with your organization?

4. What is your fund size (if applicable)?


5. How many DILA Conferences have you attended?

6. What was your #1 reason for attending?


7. How would you rate the length of the conference?

8. How would you rate the breakout session time?


9. Would you rather...


10. What was one take-away you gained from this conference?

11. Topics and/or speakers that you would like to hear next year:


12. What is your preferred format for DILA?

13. Is there a week in September which would prevent you from attending?


14. How would you rate the cost of the conference?

15. Are you interested in joining the planning committee?


Overall Rankings

Please rank your satisfaction with the following elements of the conference on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 is Excellent!).

Registration Process & Website

Pre-Conference Communication

On-Site Coordination


Hotel Accommodations

Networking Opportunity

DILA Electronic Program


Overall Conference

Likelihood to Attend Next Year

Additional Comments (if any)


Session Rankings

Please rank your satisfaction with the following sessions/presentations on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 is Excellent!).

Conference Moderator (Shanna Crawford)

Monday Morning Devotion (Valoria Cheek)


DILA Financial Survey (Steve Schultz)

Fund-by-Fund Introductions


Plenary Session #1: Neural Mirroring and Giving (Dr. Tom Taylor)

Marketing Breakout (Dr. Lou Petrie)


Investment Operations Breakout (Michael Kocolowski)

Lending Operations Breakout (Paul Kruit)


Finance/Accounting Breakout (Lynn Michalak)

Senior Management Breakout (Maria Coyne)


Plenary Session #2: Today's Economics (William Longbrake)

Economy & Markets Breakout (William Longbrake)


Marketing Breakout (Dr. Tom Taylor)

Real Estate Breakout (Matt Messier)


Legal Breakout (Pranschke, Figg, Sundara, & Nyhof)

Tuesday Morning Devotion (Bruce Jost)


Plenary Session #3: Closing Session (Dr. Tom Taylor)


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